Photo Resizer Pro latest version information:

Latest version:  5.5
Release date: 7 Febr 2016.
Operating systems: Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8 32bit and 64bit.
Download link: 
Download now.
Price: US $48.
Upgrade cost:
Free for registered users of version 5.x
Upgrade for registered users of version 4.x  = US $20. (Please apply for a special link and provide details of your registration)

How to upgrade:
All registered users of 5.x can download the software via the download link and apply the key the have. If you are a registered user of a version earlier than 5.x and want to make use of the upgrade discount you must request it by asking support from the support page.
Uninstall the old version of Photo Resizer Pro.
Reboot your computer.
Double click the downloaded exe file.
Follow the instructions.

To register:
You must register the software here (or using the provided link if you qualify for the upgrade offer).
Enjoy your photos.  Remember that there are
videos to get you started.

History of "Photo Resizer Pro"

Version 5.5 - 5 Febr 7, 2016.
Fixed interface problems with Windows large font set-up.
Fixed several memory leaks.

Version 5.4.1 - Nov 2015.
This upgrade is free for registered users of version 5.x. Use the same key.
Minor upgrade to accommodate Windows updates
Changed price.

Version 5.4 - June 2015.
This upgrade is free for registered users of version 5.x. Use the same key.
Fix bug on Text on imamge if replaced by another image.
Stop the crazy special offer.

Version 5.3 - Febr 2015.
This upgrade is free for registered users of version 5.x.
ReplaceParts: remove the thin line on all white surface
Save selection to new photo- set default background color to white.
Cropped image): Save selection to new photo - fix background color selection.
Small fixes to accommodate small screens.
Changed the price to 4.95. (crazy but true.


Version 5.2 - Jan 2014.
Fix 60 day limitation for registered users of 5,0 and 5,1beta.
Fix print bug -button did not respond
Changed (removed) administrator rights to installer because of a problem when the user has not admin rights.
Add "random lines" feature to the Replace Parts feature.
Fix scaling limit of clone feature.
Fix Text Color feature that replaces text with image when image is rotated.
Miner cosmetic changes (some text overlapped other text)

Version 5.1  - Nov 2013.
This upgrade was a beta of what is now 5.2 and used by a selected few to test it.

Version 5.0 - Sept 2013.
This upgrade is not free.
Add Color change for selected area.
Apply any feature to selection, or outside selection.
Replace selection with another photo copying shadows and highlighted areas with the ability to
shift the replacement photo to a relative new position every time.
Add Text color change where the selection is text on the image.
Apply any feature to the text.
Replace text with another image.
Add spot cloning to clean up unwanted areas in a photo or add parts into a photo. Clone from the same or other photos.
Add Spot cloning to make collages.
Add Spot cloning to add color painting with blending (feathering).
Add Replace Parts. Replace the colors with other photos, blocks, vertical or horizontal lines.
Add ability to stretch photo to any W or H regardless of ratio.
Add sketch features. Transform a photo into a 16 color "pencil sketch".
Add feature to fix white eyes or other unwanted spots. Can set new eye color black or any other color.
Add undo and redo to Red eye fixing.
Add feature to change DPI (dots per inch)
Add Several extra texture and filter effects.
Add Histogram to show the histogram af an area.
Add Color indicator to tell the RGB as the mouse moves. This is useful for colorblind people.
Add transparency to TextLabel feature.
Add ellipse drawing to TextLabel feature.
Add shadows to TextLabels feature.
Add Watermark feature to the View window.
Add a button to call the previously edited image without having to search it in the folders.
Add/fix Drag-and-Drop feature. Drag images from Explorer into the software.
Fix direct email sending logon.
Add other frames folder paths to Frames module to look up your own frames.
Fix Prefix and suffix to file names when you save images at resize.
Small bug fixes.

4.3 April 2012 
free upgrade and bug fixes.
Fix Windows 64 bit context menu.
Fully 32/64bit Windows 7 and 8 compatible.
Changed installation files to install either 32bit or 64bit context menu.
Install software on C:\ because 64bit Windows does not allow writing to files in c:\Program Files as it is folder is a virtual folder in Windows 64bit.

Photo Resizer Pro Version 4.3
01 Jan 2009 (free upgrade)
small bug fixes:
Reduce by % is fixed.
Fixed Prefix to filename
Save settings did not save all advanced settings

Photo Resizer Pro Version 4.2
December 2008 (free upgrade)
Fix the sorting listed files
Add frames to batches
Add a selection to keep same photo size with reducing only the file size
Add 1% settings to reduce by Percentage
Add 16 colors conversion
Change the settings layout with TABS to accomodate new features.
Add the option to resize to the same format and extension
Add Advanced file options to resize settings
- move original,
- rename original,
- create backup of original,
- move original to recycle bin
- Keep filename AND extension

Photo Resizer Pro Version 4.1
Oct 2008
Minor bug fixes:
When resizing from a CD the save destination did not work.
AVG falsely reported a Trojan Horse.

Photo Resizer Pro Version 4.0
April, 2008 (free upgrade)
Changed the lay-out and interface to make more modern.
Add subfolder to same folder when saving batches.
Change watermark text to 0 and 100% positions.
Add ability to open files from folders incliding subfolders.
Add more formats: PSD,J2K,PXM, PDF, WBMP, TGA, PS, DCX.
Add Red Eye Reduction.
Add annotations and arrowed text.
Add FRAMES with the ability to make your own.
Add to the Full View page: rotate, redeye reduction, emboss,
change to BW, print, crop, annotations, and more.
This makes it possible to use as image viewer.
View and edit EXIC image data.
View and edit IPTC image data.
Add more selection methods for cropping (Rectangle, random and circular)
Add photo enhance button (Adjusts brightness, contrast and Saturation)
Improved help files.
Add DELETE, COPY etc to rightclick function on main window
Add Magnify feature to investigate a photo
Add Pixel information view
Add Background color change for non rectangle cropped selections
Various small changes to improve processing, interface and speed.

Changed security to a new key system in version 4.0
If you have a registration for earlier versions please write
to and supply your order number
and other detail to receive a new key.

Photo Resizer Pro Version 3.9
April 12, 2007 (free upgrade)
Fixed bug showing error 0000000 at startup.
minor code optimizing with help files.
Minor bug fixes

Photo Resizer Pro Version 3.81
March 2007 (free upgrade)
Add selection size for cropping.
Change help file to CHM (Windows Vista requirement)
Add font settings to print form.
Changed Quality selection from 10's to 1's.
Remove smooth setting for JPG.
Add more filters.
Fix bug to remember folder setting for saving resized files.

Photo Resizer Pro Version 3.7
4 Jan 2007 (free upgrade)
Fix aspect ratio bug if you resize by Percentage.

Photo Resizer Pro Version 3.6
3 December 2006 (free upgrade)
Fixed memory leak that caused a crash when resizing big files.
Add Cancel button to interrupt resize loop.
Add counter dialog to show progress.
Changed some menu colors (cosmetic change only).
Improve processing speed and memory handling.
Fixed form size bug (form did not settle quickly).
Correct help file spelling Miss Takes.
Fixed Save As.. function on the Color adjust window.
Add comments and feedback page at the close of the software for trial period.
Set default resize filter to Lancos3 for better results.
Fixed saving of resize settings.
Fixed the scale display of the full views. It did not show the correct scale.
Fixed bug if you click on an empty section of the file list.

Photo Resizer Pro Version 3.5
8 October 2005
Fix bug with calling wrong image to apply effects.
Add choice to select sending each print page as seperate print job or not.
Expand watermark with settings for size, font, angle, justification and position.
Add watermark effects.
Add printing and overview to Help file.
Add selection of inch, cm and pixel size settings.
Crop a selection of the original photo to a new photo.
Remove white edge around watermark text.

Photo Resizer Pro Version 3.4
April 2005 Bug fixes and improvements.
Add features editing color, brightness, flip, filters, Waves, Morphing filters.
Fix Error 251 that prevented software to open.
Improve memory management to allow loading more than 1500 photos for batch resizing.

Photo Resizer Pro Version 3.3
November 2004 Bug fixes and improvements.
Fix bug with folder selection not closing.
Add watermark text with variable transparency.
Add affiliate scheme.
Add restriction to both Width and Height.
Add text to resized photos after the 30 executions trial period.

Photo Resizer Pro Version 3.2
Sept 29, 2004, Minor bug fixes and improvements.
Fix form size problem for different Windows setups and fonts.
Activate Rotate button if software is opened via Windows menu.
Fix problem with cancelling folder selection.

Photo Resizer Pro Version 3.1
Sept 13, 2004, Minor bug fixes and improvements.
Add "resize by percentage".
Add option to Keep the photo size if it is smaller than the resize settings.
Add up and down arrows for next and previous viewing of listed photos.
Add rotate feature for original and resized photos.
Add counters to show the amount of opened and resized photos.
Add option to keep original file date.
Fix bug that looses all image comments.
Fix bug with folder resize selection from saved settings.
Fix bug on quality setting.
It is now possible to make the form smaller than 800x600.
Change from 30 day trial to 30 executions for testing and evaluating.
Corrected help file spelling errors and made some improvements.

Photo Resizer Pro Version 3
July 2004
This is an upgrade to enhance and improve the existing and add some features:
Add print feature to print 1 to 100 photos on any rotation.
Improve loading speed of photos.
Improve handling and resizing of very big image files.
Save to filename can have a prefix and/or suffix.
Destination folder can be selected as same folder
(in this case it is not possible to overwrite without prompt).
Select between popular formats to save resized image.
Select to save to between true color, 256 or gray scale.
The selection of the settings is now on a seperate form.
Buttons are all on a toolbar for easy access.
Bug: 30 day trial expire problem of previous version resolved.
Fix clipping of long file names with emailer part of software to allow long file names.
Add menu item to Windows explorer to fast load image files into "Photo Resize or Print".
Add "Getting started step by step" to the help file.
Fix bugs in email "Send direct" and call dialup if not connected.
Add arrows to full view for next/previous

Photo Resizer Pro version 2.12
January, 2004
Fix bug that gives an error on exit with Win2000 and Windows XP.

September 16, 2003
Add mail direct to avoid sending mail to the outbox of the mail software.
Changed "add another photo" to take you to the resize window to select another.
Fixed bug on "remove attachment".
Add "Add any file" if you want to add a file that is not a photo.
Changed the name of the "Open" button to "Open/New".
Made default extension for "save as.." to JPG.
Save jpeg file format as "generic" JPEG to be able to read JPEG files on any software.
(some older software could not read the latest JPG format)

Pro version starts with version 2.0
April 2, 2003. Improvements from the free version
1. View the photos full screen to see the true effect of the resize,
2. Resize batches,
3. Lock width or height when resizing batches,
4. 2 views for before and after,
5. Save settings when exit,
6. Save to folder when resizing,
7. Call either build-in or own email client to send resized photos by email,
8. select to remove image comments,
9. List of photos can be sorted by any of the listed propperties.
10. Stop being free.

Photo Resizer version 1 (free version) released 15 March 2002
It started as small free version.