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Photo Resizer Pro version 5.4.1

Previous pricing: Testing the market:
Please read this if the version you tested still tells of a different price:
Dear Buyer, actually I have gone mad in a way and sold for $4.95 for a while after being told that software is going "the app way" and should cost less than $5.  Apparently sales would have gone through the roof because people would see what a bargain this was and immediately would have told all their friends to hurry up and grab a copy before "they changed their minds" or "realised their mistake".  If you did not react to that offer immediately, you missed it, sorry!!
I made the experiment and had "normal" sales, but nothing through the roof.  People probably thought it is rubbish at that price.  Then I went mad again and made it $149.50 to test the other side of the coin, got some sales again and came to the conclusion if people want the software they will buy it.  So I made it $48 to sell at an affordable price.
The true value is much more.  This is a bargain!!!!!
Note: If you thought the software was still the price indicated on an old demo version and you responded to that price and you are now disappointed by the new price, you can write to me here (
support) and motivate your case, in which case I may offer the software to you at the upgrade price.

$48    Act now!!!!

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