Photo Resizer Pro
is an easy to use program that resize pictures and optimizes pictures and images to make them more suitable for email and web use. It provides a simple user interface that allows you to scale down the size of images, making them faster to upload, download and e-mail.

It is not only for resizing pictures, it does cloning, color change or replace or replace with image, white and red eye fixes, lots of effects, text with effects or eplace with image, make collages and much more.

Photo Resizer Pro is a fast and simple solution ... at an affordable price.

The basic function of Photo Resizer Pro is to resize photos, BUT there are many more features to do the following:

Text color and background changes:

Texted image for background

Text with background

Text on images can help you describe the scene, or focus the reader on something. If you are doing scrapbooking, this will be a very handy feature. You can add borders in solid or dashed in 2 colors. You can also export the selection behind the text to a new image.  
See a video HOW-TO do this.

Cloning and collages:

Now you can clean up your photos by replacing parts of it with the surrounding parts, or with parts from another photo. You can also make a collage on a blank page of any color or size.
See a video HOW-TO do this.

Color or object change:
change selection or outside selectioncrop to new image
Replace objects or colors with edited features or another image or crop to a new image

You can change a guys shirt with another picture

This is even more fun.  Look at this wedding photo:
Fix a jacket to be more representative of the person

See a video HOW-TO do this.

Replace Parts:

replace with other image

Random lines Random lines  - Click to see real size and effect

Photo-in-Photo = A Tribute to Steve jobs.
Click here to see more about this feature and Steve. 


Replace the whole image with another smaller image, or with solid colors in the form of blocks or lines.
See a video HOW-TO do this.

DPI changes (Dots Per Inch):
Change the DPI setting. This is not the same as resizing because resizing keeps the same DPI value. The sample below was changed from 300DPI to 72DPI. Change DPI from any value to any other value. 
See a video HOW-TO do this.

Red, Green, Blues values  and Histogram:

Color blindness is a common problem. this floating window will those who struggle with color blindness. In the sample below, the cursor is on the red tank of the bike. See a video HOW-TO do this.

Edit effects  lots of new features: Improved features:

The editing feature is now upgraded with a lot of features, some of them shown here: Gaussian Blur Split blur Add color noise Add mono noise Antialias, Contrast, Fish eye, Lightness, Darkness, Saturation, Mosaic, Twist/Swirl, Split light, Tile,Trace edges, Casting/Emboss, Solorize, Posterize, Gray scale, Invert colors.
See a video HOW-TO do this.

Resize to non aspect ratio: Improved features:
  stretch non aspect ratio

Resize to a forced W and H, regardless of aspect ratio. In the examples above H was reduced.
See a video HOW-TO do this..

Sketch effect:

Apply a sketch effect to any image.
See a video HOW-TO do this..

Red and White eye removal or corrections:
remove white eyes

remove white and red eyes

Red-eye removal is easy. White-eye more difficult and very few programs can do it. The photo on the right has both fixed.
See a video HOW-TO do this..

Crayon effect:

 The crayon effect can be edited with stroke, width, quantity, angle, etc. It can also be applied to the color change feature.
See a video HOW-TO do this..

Text annotation: Improved feature:

 Annotate your photos with arrows+text, blocks of text, lines, cricles etc. Set to solid background or transparent. Set all or any color of the text, lines or background. Highlight sections etc.
See a video HOW-TO do this.


Apply watermarks in batches or one at a time.
See a video HOW-TO do this.


Apply many frames, even make your own.  Use it to apply logos etc in batches.
See a video HOW-TO do this.