Photo Resizer Pro version 5.4.1 (Latest version 5 December 2015)
Batch or single resize, frames.  Also a lot of other tools like embossing, red eye removal, BW etc. Download a trial and test it today.  You will not regret doing so.

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  We went a bit mad in the past and offered the software at APP prices, but sales did not pick up.  It became clear that people wanted the software because it is what they want, not because it is a bargain.  The price is now $48 (US)

Photo Resizer Pro version 4.31 (Previous version)
If you want to re-install this version you will need the registration key issued to you by
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Simple resizer (Free)
No fancy features, just resize one photo or image at a time.
It runs adverts from or any other institute as decided by
100% FREE   Download now.

Notebook alarm
If you travel a lot and needs your NoteBook PC to play some music to shield hotel noises AND wake you in the morning with your favourite song then this is for you. 
100% FREE
  Download now.

Backup software
Many people  never make back-ups until they loose a lot of important information and/or memories.  This simple back-up program copies files only if not backed up already or if it is newer to an external drive.  It does not delete any files on the backup drive.  You must store this drive in another location in case of fire or theft.
You can encrypt your drive with free software like TrueCrypt to protect it.  All this information is in the help file. 
100% FREE
Download now.

Frames 100% FREE
If you made frames you want to share with others you can send it to us.  We will list it here with your name and website address next to it.  The same rules apply as for video links.