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Photo Resizer Pro v5.5
Batch or single resize, frames.  Also a lot of other tools like embossing, red eye removal, BW etc. Download a trial and test it today.  You will not regret doing so.
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Photo Resizer Pro released version 5.5. 

Interface problems with Windows LARGE font settings.

(If your Windows set-up has large fonts, previous versions of PRP 5.x may not have been showing correctly.)
Features:  Several bugs fixed on reported problems.
(If you you experience problems, please report them.  This way we improve the software.)
Memory management.
(Windows 32 bit has a restriction on memory allocations. This is addressed by custom allocation of double the memory block size.)
Version 5.5 has improved memory management.  A few memory leaks were fixed.


Version 5.x has a improved NEW features: e.g.


All the original features are still there, like batch resizing, frames, watermarks, effects, rotate, red-eye removal etc.

NEW Features of version 5.x:   (seethe image at the bottom of the newsletter) 
Below are some images and descriptions.  Images are low quality and small to save email space. The best would be if you download and try it on your own high quality photos. 
Cloning for image cleaning, copying or collage making: 
Remove unwanted areas, spots etc from your photos.  Clone people or objects from the same or other photos into you photo (collages).
Color change inside or outside selected areas. (including replacing with another image:
Isolate one object and apply any of the many features to the selection or to the rest of the image.  You can also replace the selection with another image where the new image will adapt the shadows and highlights of the original.  Great for changing a guys shirt like in the image below.  It was a white shirt!!
Text replace feature: 
Replace large text on the image  with the text area altered using any of the "edit-features", crayon sketch, or another image.
Replace parts: 
Now you can replace the image of your loved one with little hearts (for example), or create effects with solid colors. or random lines (new in version 5.2)
White eyes: 
Formally not possible, but easy now.  Many of the really popular software or camera software cannot do this.  Now you can!
Sketch effect:
Transform any photo into a "pencil sketch".  Here I reduce the colors to 16 and do several other things to achieve this effect. 

Color pallet:
Move your mouse and see the RGB values.  This is useful for color-blind people. 

Select an area to view the histogram for it. Improved speed etc because of upgraded components and compiling software.

There are VIDEOS to show you how easy it is. 

Special offer to UPGRADE for registered users of version 3.x and 4.x (US $20): Registered users of some previous versions qualify for a discount.  Make a request to support for this link if you are registered.  Please supply proof.   Thank you for your continued support.