What our users say

Thank you Piet
I must say it is nice to have the personal contact you provide.
I don't use photo resizer a lot but when I need it, it performs well.
One feature I like is the ability to transform a pile of images into a pdf where you can specify the number of images per page. Images these days are sooooooooooo big it is hard to email them.
I use the pdf feature for my Rotary club to quickly send out 30-40 photos of a day's work or an event in a nice format with meaningful footers and page numbers so, if anyone wants an original I can email it to them.

Keep up the good work.
Gary Denhard

Your version 5 is a marvelous program. Well worth the $29. I have used freeware compressors and they were so basic as to be almost useless. I have more expensive graphic programs on my machine that do not have some features that yours has and of course, they either do not compress images at all, or do not do it nearly as well. Your technical support has been excellent.
Gary B.
Onaway, Michigan

This is one of the photo programs I use the most.

Absolutely fantastic for bulk resizing and adding a signature if necessary.  And now it's even faster, WOW.

I still have not used to many of the other attributes and now see that I must put off a little time in the future to see other ways I can save time.  If you don't have Photo Resizer yet, only the people already using it know what you are missing. 

A must for any photographer.

Anders Versland


Photo Resizer Pro is one of the best programs ever created!!!! 

I have owned it for many years now and highly recommend it to everyone I meet in my field of architecture and construction.


Geoff Vaughan 

This product is fairly easy to use once you try it the first time. It seems to get easier the more you work with it.


I like it, Very easy to use, not everyone needs all the high tech (edited) options or similar confusing software and effects, Just want to resize mine to share pics with the family, and you guys have
made it simple.


You can light the fireworks and ring the bells. I did it. Even 71 year olds can learn new things. Thank you so much for all your help.


This is one of the best features – especially that the software optimizes the image and fills the screen. Perfect for my very non-sophisticated users! The most difficult person for us to work with is my husband who can crash anything! He wants to have the computer work like the TV. This is the level that we are trying to achieve. "Works like a TV" might be a good slogan for your company.

Shirley Sidell

Great deal.I haven't found any software that can match this price.

Bennie Lee Arnold

The software allows me to arrange the photos the way I like.

N. Vrolyk

It is easy to use and a nice finished interface.

J.P. Creasy

It makes big pictures viewable.

Matt Trimble

I always wanted to show my photos and did not know how to get it done in a nice way. Thanks.


It sounds like you are way ahead of me. The software is very friendly considering I am 58 and I can figure out how to use it.

Thank you for your rapid reply

Just a very short note to say "Thank you for your rapid response to my questions". It is always a pleasure to deal with an individual and a company that will take time with a customer. I am looking forward to you forthcoming updates to your software. Thank you once again and may God richly bless you.

L.R. Tarver