A tribute to Steve Jobs: made with Photo Resizer Pro

Steve did a few things that caught my attention:
1. If he had an idea, he pushed it through.
2. The thought of the products from the users point of view. 
3. He did not tell the user this is what he can do and they must be happy with it.
4. He had a good team, main player Steve Wosniak who I call mr. MacApple and
    in my opinion, a genius.

I use Windows and code for Windows.  This is why Photo Resizer Pro is a Windows based software.
I can however pay tribute to Steve Jobs, by using my software to make a poster of him, with him and his company logo as the paint.  I trust you will like it, whether you are a fan of Steve or not.

This is how I did it:
1. Downloaded the images from the internet.
2. Resized the main photo to 10000 pixels wide.
3. Changed the colors of the logo using the ReplaceColor feature.
4. Resized the logo image to 130 pixels wide.
5. Used ReplaceParts feature with avg WxH of Photo Resizer Pro to paint the image with the logo.
6. Used the Txt feature to write "Steve" by selecting the inside to change RGB colors.

You can download the full size image here: Steve Jobs image or zip file